Holopin is Now Free for Open Source Projects and Communities!

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Elena Lape
Elena Lape
Founder @ Holopin

Hello, Holopin Community!

We're beyond excited to share some fantastic news with all of you today. After a brief hiatus, the Holopin Open Source Program is back and better than ever. We're expanding our horizons to include student organizations and volunteer groups, allowing them to issue badges at no cost!

Why We're Doing This

At Holopin, we believe deeply in the power of recognizing hard work, whether from open source enthusiasts, students, or volunteers. Pausing our program was a difficult decision and one we did not make lightly. It allowed us the chance to reflect and consider how we could better support the community that has always supported us.

We're super excited to relaunch it with a focus on celebrating the contributions of those dedicated to making a difference!

Perks and Features

The relaunched program comes packed with perks designed to celebrate and elevate your community. Here's a snapshot of what you can expect as a member:

As part of our relaunched Open Source program, you'll gain access to a suite of features designed to celebrate and recognize the hard work of your community. Here's what you can look forward to:

⭐ Up to five members can manage badges, streamlining community recognition.

⭐ Create up to ten unique badges yearly to highlight your community member's achievements.

⭐ Unlimited badge recipients, to recognize every contributor without any limits, ensuring everyone gets appreciated.

⭐ Automate the recognition process with our integrations and API for effortless rewards.

⭐ Get early access to new features and integrations to keep your community at the forefront.

⭐ Boost your project's visibility with our co-marketing efforts, like blog posts and social media shoutouts.

Who Can Join

If you're part of an active open source project team, a student organization driven by technology and innovation, or a volunteer group committed to making a difference without financial compensation, we're looking for you!

If you have any hesitations or questions about eligibility, reach out to us at support@holopin.io for more information.

See the full details of our program and submit your application through our quick 5-minute form today.

Apply to the Holopin Community and Open Source Program today

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